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Collegians Rugby (1953-54)


  • Joint winners Ulster Senior League



     W.Smyth   N.Grimshaw  N.Eccels  S.Paterson   K. Reid    A.Jamison   D.Reid   J.Law   W.G Litster  H.G Crawford

              F.Hunter     R.J Bates     A.D Slader    E.Lowry    R.C Young  R.W Gilliland W.S.H Lavery A.Hill  R.A.C Hart
                                                                              (Vice Cap)   (Captain) 
                                                                       J.C Lapsley                                                W.K Evans
                                                                                             ( inset W.E Bell )                          



PRESIDENT: H.G Crawford M.C.B.Sc
Vice President : J.B. O'Callaghan
Hon. Sec: C.S Neill

Asst Hon Sec: W.G Lister
Hon. Tres: W.H de f Smyth
Hon.Team Sec: P.W Stewart

Captain 1st XV:
R.C Young

Capt. 2nd XV: W.S.H. Lavery
Capt. 3rd XV: W.W Hanna
Capt. 4th XV: R. Streight
Non Playing Captain & Sec Colts : R McDougall

Selection Committee:
Capt 1st XV, Vice Captain 1st XV, Hon Team Sec, J.A Lewis, N.D Beattie

Junior Selection Committee: P.B Dudgeon, P.W Stewart, R McClelland, T Craig, G.H Murphy
Ground Committee : H.W West, F. Jones, O McMullen, R. Ellis, W Denison
Social Committee: P.D. Dudgeon, W.E Bell, J.A Lewis, W.W Hanna, M. Gibson, C. Bamford, R McDougall, L.Hughes, S.Patterson, F.H Hanna
General Committee: W.E Bell, J.Capper, J.A Smiley, with Five Principal Officers Plus Chairman of Ground and Social Committee

Trustees:  C.G. Neill, C.V. Smylie, O. McMullen,
                 H.G. Crawford, J. McC Calvert & J. Capper

Stats: Played 25  Won 15  Drew 5

Entertained Sunday's  Well



Ulster Branch
Methodist College Belfast
Harlequins RFC

Collegians Club
Formerly - Deramore Park,
County Antrim, Northern Ireland


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