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Collegians Rugby (1952 - 53)


1st XV Ulster Challenge Cup Finalists

 4th XV   Winners Division Championship



      W.Litster   J.Law    S.Patterson    R.J Bates    H.G Crawford   G.A Jamison   E.Lowry  W.Wilson    N. Grimshaw

              J.C Lapsley*   R.W Gilliland*   R.C Young     W.K Evans     J.Smith*      J.G Murphy        R.D Slater
                                                  (Vice Captain)    (Captain)

                                        D.Reid                F.H Hunter                                  A.Hill*               R.A.C Hart
                                                                                       * Inter-Provincial




PRESIDENT: H.G Crawford M.C.B Sc

Hon. Sec
: C. S. Neill

Assistand Sec : W.G Lister
Hon. Treas: E. J. Mc Kelvey

Hon.Team Sec:
N. Grimshaw

Captain 1st XV: W.K Evans
Capt. 2nd XV: J.R Nelson
Capt. 3rd XV: W.W.Hanna
Capt. 4th XV: T.D McConkey
Capt. Colts XV: R. McClelland

Selection CommitteeN. D. Beattie, J. Lewis, Captina, Vice Captain, Team Sec'.
General Committee: Dr C.V Smylie, W.E Bell, H.G Dudgeon
Social Committee : Barry Dudgeon
Ground Committee : H West, O'McMullen, W.E Bell, F.Jones, R Ellis, K.M Clelland

Trustees:  C.G. Neill, C.V. Smylie, O. McMullen,
                 H.G. Crawford, J. McC Calvert & J. Capper

Stats: Played 26  Won 18

Southern Easter tour to play Sunday's Well after twenty years and Old Christians - only time.


Ulster Branch
Methodist College Belfast
Harlequins RFC

Collegians Club
Formerly - Deramore Park,
County Antrim, Northern Ireland


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